How to copy and paste multiple items?

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If you need to copy multiple items and paste them anywhere (online or offline) – you need an active clipboard history

There are two ways to have a clipboard history feature: stock Windows clipboard option or 3rd party clipboard manager software like ClipClip. Both of these solutions have pros and cons, but we will show you how to paste multiple items with both of these tools if you read the whole article to the end. This way you can choose the way that is best for you!

How to copy-paste multiple items with Windows Clipboard History?

If you need a quick way to paste up to the 20 last items you copied and want to do it right away, Windows Clipboard History can work just fine for you. 

IMPORTANT! Windows Clipboard History will not work if you:

  • Need more than 20 items in your memory (Windows has a maximum of 20 last copied items)
  • Want to edit items before you paste them (Windows doesn’t let you to edit copied items)
  • Need other clipboard functionality like saving, folders, screenshot tools, cloud storage and much more (simply download ClipClip if you need a professional copy-paste tool)

Activate Windows Clipboard History

Press WinKey + I to open windows settings. Type in “Clipboard” in the search field and go to Clipboard Settings. Make sure that Clipboard History is turned on.

Press WinKey + V to see the last 20 copied items

If your Clipboard History is on, you will be able to use the last 20 items you copied by pressing Windows Key and V. This will open a box on your Window that will show all the copied items.

Press on Copied Item to Use It

If you will hover your mouse over any of the items and right-click on them – it will paste the item whenever your text cursor is located (that blinking line). 

Note: You can’t drag and drop items from your Windows Clipboard, so that’s why we recommend trying ClipClip! Read further and you will understand how a third-party Clipboard manager is superior to Microsoft stock tool.

Use a Free Clipboard Manager for Copying and Pasting Multiple Items

While using Windows Clipboard History, the only thing is that you can basically use – is a couple of last items. That is all. In reality – most users want to use phone numbers from 3 weeks ago, have a list of most pasted items when answering emails and even share what they copy between devices or with their team. 

That’s where ClipClip Clipboard Manager comes in handy!

Paste Anything You Ever Copied

Here’s a couple of the most important features of a proper third-party Clipboard Tool like ClipClip (before we jump into how to use it for pasting multiple items)… The biggest advantages of using a clipboard manager instead of Windows Clipboard History are:

  • Use hundreds and thousands of last copied items
  • More functional UI/UX with drag and drop functionality
  • Organize and save copied items so you can use them in the future
  • Sync your copied items with cloud applications and share between devices or colleagues
  • Edit items before pasting
  • Tons of other functions you will love – screenshot tool, gif recorder, video recorder, copy text from images (yes!) and many more! 

Visit the ClipClip features page if you want to learn more.

Step 1 – Download and Install ClipClip

Download ClipClip and install it on your computer.

Step 2 – Copy as much as you want!

Copy, copy, copy, copy. Everything you copy will be ready to use later on (the last 100-1000 items based on your settings in ClipClip!).

Step 3 – Paste with CTRL + SHIFT + V

Use CTRL + SHIFT + V to open Paste Menu. You will see everything you copied. Right-click on the item you want to paste. 

CTRL + SHIFT + V will open a dialog box where you can select anything you copied in the past, furthermore, you can select saved items (clips) from your folders or pinned clips. Amazing right? 

You can also search for clips in the search bar if you don’t want to scroll all the way down.

Step 4 – Use ClipClip to Drag and Drop Copied Items

Need to paste a lot? Open ClipClip and simply drag and drop your clips to anywhere you need them. This way you can answer customer emails, fill in forms, and do many other things. The sky is the limit!

Step 5 – Use Other ClipClip Tools!

Here’s a list of other tools that ClipClip has if you decide to give it a try… We just know that all these tools go hand in hand with all the copy-paste we do in our daily lives!

ClipClip Clipboard Manager can also:

Record part of your screen as GIF or MP4 (we made the last GIF you saw with ClipClip!). Press CTRL + SHIFT + G to record a GIF and CTRL + SHIFT + L to record a video.

Screenshot parts of your screen and annotate or edit them if you want! Press the PrtSc button on your keyboard and ClipClip screenshot tool will be active.

Edit clips (text, HTML, images or any other type!).

Apply actions to images or text (HTML). Press CTRL + SHIFT + A to see what kind of actions you can apply with the action menu!

ClipClip is FREE to use, so why not give it a try?

Everyone we know says the same thing: it’s a real game-changer that will change the way you use your computer. That’s a promise!

Try ClipClip today, It's FREE!


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