For Designers

Liberate the creative process.

ClipClip facilitates common tasks and streamlines the design process, disencumbering designers so they can spend more time expressing their creativity.


The Challenge

Designers often need to juggle multiple values such as color HEX codes, font names, file references, and image data across multiple applications. 

"As companies, agencies, competition, and customers grow, there are more expectations to do more, to do it faster, and to do it better.

Ariem Anthony, Production Design Manager at Airbnb

The Goal

To rejuvenate the creative process and accelerate performance by increasing the capability of the clipboard. Designers can take advantage of ClipClip’s ability to save multiple file types to organize their extensive toolkits and make them more easily accessible. Ultimately, the goal is to enable designers to focus on the design process.

Creativity and innovation allow us to save time on certain things and this can buy us more time to slow down on others - for example, for research, reflection, and investigation.

Kirsty Carter, APFEL

ClipClip features for Designers

ClipClip streamlines a designer’s work through the following features:

Screen Capture

  • Copy inspirational images during the research phase and use them to create mood boards.
  • Save screenshots to paste as inline images.

Paste Menu

  • Save hexadecimal color codes for easy access whilst changing the color of the background, text, and tables on a web page.
  • Store frequently asked questions for brands and clients.

Multiple File Types

  • Store prototype links for previewing and user testing.

Image Editor

  • Edit your saved images to exaggerate something or point out something specific.
  • Add watermark to designs.


  • Translate words and phrases on-the-go if working on a site or product that uses a different language.

Text Format

  • Paste text without formatting to use as copy images.
  • Change the font type, color, and size to fit the formatting requirements of a brand.

Video Recording

Record short clips or full videos to demonstrate a product feature.

Contour Detection

  • Detect window elements (e.g. toolbars) and other shapes.
  • Extract images from websites.

Drag & Drop

  • Drag and drop screenshots or images to desktop, Gmail, editor software, or third-party applications as content.

Video Recording

  • Record short clips or full videos to demonstrate a product feature or show off that latest design.

Cloud Drive Sync

  • Share brand data such as wire frames screenshots, hexadecimal color codes, fonts, and other digital assets with colleagues and employers.

Hotkey Customization

  • Set up hotkeys for your most frequently used clips, such as “Lorem ipsum” to access them quickly simply by pressing a few keys.
  • Activate the translate feature instantly using designated hotkeys.

Nested Folders

  • Organize your files into folders and sub folders including hexadecimal color codes, font names, and image data

Extract Text From Image (OCR)

  • Use optical character recognition to extract text from a screenshot of a web page


  • Automatically delete unnecessary white spaces and/or underscores after copying extracts directly from a website.


  • Use the Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple items (e.g. product features or other website content) and paste them in alphabetical, numerical, or random order.

And that is not all, ClipClip does much more!

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