Clipboard Manager Actions

ClipClip gives you many useful Actions right out of the box. These Actions are frequently used operations that can be quickly applied to a copied clip. Text, Image, HTML & Hyperlink clips, have different available Actions that will make your work-life much more productive.


ClipClip is compatible with Windows 10


Text Clips

Check for spelling, grammar, or plagiarism issues. Remove or simplify formatting. Apply capitalization rules. Translate to any language. Read aloud.

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Image Clips

Extract text from any image. Resize, flip, or blur. Add margins or resize images. Apply watermarks. Upload to Imgur or other services.

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Html or Hyperlinks

Shorten a URL with Bitly, TinyURL or Rebrandly. Save it to Pocket. Perform a WHOIS search on the domain name. Send it to any browser.

How to apply Actions on your clips?

1. Select a Clip

Select any of your clips, clip types can be filtered by type: Text, Image, HTML & Hypertext.


2. Apply the action

Right click on your selected clip and hover over the “Apply action” option to see all available actions for that clip. Alternatively, you can press CTRL + SHIFT + A (default) or set your own Hotkey to quickly activate it.

The action applies to the active selection if applicable, or to the latest clip if nothing has been selected.

3. Use your new clip

ClipClip automatically creates a new copy of the clip with the applied action. Paste them where you need it or save it for later use. 

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4. Sync with Google Drive or Dropbox.

Easily synchronize with your favorite cloud service and share your clips across devices.

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ClipClip is compatible with Windows 10

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