Built-in Editor

Edit, format or enhance your clips with the built-in WYSIWYG & Image editor. 


ClipClip is compatible with Windows 10


Plain Text

Easily edit any of your text clips. Apply an action to convert it to HTML format and have more editing options.

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Image Clips

Edit your clip images!
Add text annotations, lines or shapes.

html icon

HTML Format

Edit your HTML & Link clips with the built-in integrated editor.

How does
the built-in editor works?

1. Select a Clip that you want to edit

Double click on a clip to open the built-in editor. Alternatively, you can right click and select ‘edit’ to launch the editor.    

Press CTRL + SHIFT + E or set your own hotkey to
open the quick editor on the fly!


2. Make your edits

Quickly modify new or existing clips without needing to leave the application. The editor tool options will vary depending on the clip type (text, image, or HTML). 

3. Use your edited clip!

Save and use your newly edited clip. Paste it anywhere you need it or save it for later use. 

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4. Sync with Google Drive or Dropbox.

Easily synchronize with your favorite cloud service and share your clips across devices.

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