Clipboard Manager

Copy multiple clips simultaneously (images, text, links, etc.) and browse through them seamlessly.


ClipClip is compatible with Windows 10


Extend Your Clipboard

Copy text, images or links to your clipboard without worrying about copying over something important.


Paste Menu

Open the paste menu to get quick access to see all your saved clips anytime.


Intelligent Search

Use the Search feature to quickly
find to your clips

How does the Clipboard Manager work?

1. Copy Copy Copy...

Copy anything that you need, all of your clips are saved inside ClipClip. Use our simple to use interface to filter through your latest clips seamlessly.

clipclip writing graphic
clipclip interface graphic

2. Manage & Organize
your clips

Create as many folders as you need, drag & drop your clips into specific folders to keep them nicely organized.

3. Paste Menu

Press CTRL + SHIFT + V or set your own shortcut key to quickly access all of your saved clips via the quick access paste menu.

clipclip context menu graphic
clipclip cloud integration graphic

4. Sync with Google Drive or Dropbox.

Easily synchronize with your favorite cloud service and share your clips across devices.

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For Teachers

Reduce the Educational Workload. ClipClip speeds up the process of administrative and non-teaching activities, freeing teachers to focus on their

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For Designers

Liberate the creative process. ClipClip facilitates common tasks and streamlines the design process, disencumbering designers so they can spend more

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For Programmers

Accelerate the Coding Process. ClipClip helps programmers to quickly access and organize data. The Challenge Programmers often need to juggle

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