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ClipClip helps programmers to quickly access and organize data.


The Challenge

Programmers often need to juggle multiple values such as source code snippets and other data across multiple applications. They often resort to popular forums or official documentation constantly going back and forth copying code.  

The Goal

To reduce the time spent finding data and manually typing code by expanding the functionality of the clipboard. Programmers can take advantage of ClipClip’s ability to save and quickly access multiple file types, code snippets, color values, template boilerplates, etc. 


ClipClip features for Programmers

ClipClip simplifies a programmer’s work through the following features:

Paste Menu

  • Create an easily accessible library of code snippets, frequently-used boilerplate templates, code pens, etc.
  • Build a library of code fragments into a manageable buffer for fast access to each fragment and use them to re-write and optimize code.

Search History

  • Quickly find any code snippet by searching your clipboard history and preview them simply by hovering the mouse over the preview icon.
  • Adapt the history length to ensure that passwords are only held in the clipboard for a short amount of time.

Nested Folders

  • Sort clips into multiple folders based on chosen criteria, such as code snippets, email templates, URLs, images, etc.
  • Use the well-structured storage to find the required resources (e.g. code fragments, images, sounds, etc.) relevant to the different projects you are involved in.

Filter by File Type

  • Rapidly insert data such as HTML tags, GIFs, and images by filtering for different file types in the paste menu

Hotkey Customization

  • Use the “CTRL+SHIFT+A” hotkeys to open the Actions Menu and apply an action to the copied text to use as additional code to expand app opportunities.
    • There are a lot of pre-defined actions in ClipClip (E.G. translate, code page conversion, WHOIS services, etc.) but programmers are also able to develop/create their own actions.
  • Set up hotkeys for your most frequently used clips, such as HTML tags and regularly used code snippets, to rapidly access them simply by pressing a few keys.

Screen Capture

  • Snap a screenshot to share with users to demonstrate a solution.

Gif Recording

  • Create a GIF to share answers and solutions with users on communication channels such as Slack and Podio.

Cloud Drive Sync

  • Sync saved clips to the Cloud to access interesting materials, web pages, and images from your other laptops or smartphone.
  • Upload clips to the Cloud to share with colleagues and across digital platforms.

Clip Editor

  • Quickly access your library of basic code and customize it to fit a specific application.

Text Format

  • Remove formatting and paste clips as plain text.


  • Translate words and phrases in the context menu of text clips, which can be done immediately after extracting text from an image.

And that is not all, ClipClip does much more!

Thank you for your interest in ClipClip. To install it, please visit from your Windows desktop.

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