Screen Capture Tool

Capture any area of your screen, edit and enhance your captures. Annotate text, add notes, shapes, and more.


ClipClip is compatible with Windows 10


Screen Capture

Easily share screenshots, animated GIFs, or videos of your whole desktop or some area of interest.


Extract Text from Captures

Extract text from images or PDF files using OCR to avoid wasting time or mistakes when copying data.

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Contour Detection

ClipClip's algorithm will detect images and other shapes automatically for easy and precise captures.

How does the Screen Capture tool work?

1. Activate the screen capture mode

Activate capture mode by pressing the PrtSc-key (default) or you can set your own hot-key.


2. Select the desired area you want to capture.

Hover any area you want to capture, the object detection mode will automatically pre-select areas of interest.

3. Enhance your captures

Edit your captures with the built-in editor. Add annotations, notes, shapes and more. You can also apply actions to your captures. Read more

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4. Share them!

Share your captures with your friends, co-workers, or simply keep them nicely organized inside ClipClip.

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ClipClip is compatible with Windows 10

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