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Facilitate Data Manipulation.

ClipClip helps IT professionals, to rapidly access and organize data.


The Challenge

IT professionals must work with multiple values such as user information, code snippets, and other data across a variety of platforms.

The Goal

To speed up data organization across platforms by expanding the functionality of the clipboard. IT professionals will be able to benefit from ClipClip’s ability to handle multiple data types in the clipboard and make them more accessible. Ultimately, the goal is to allow the capture, processing, storage, and analysis of data all in one place.


ClipClip features for IT Professionals

ClipClip will benefit IT professionals through the following features:

Multiple Folders

  • Sort clips into multiple folders based on chosen criteria (e.g. clients, code snippets, HTML, algorithms, etc.).

Search History

  • Retrieve a connection string you copied 3 days ago.
  • Adapt the history length to ensure that passwords are only held in the clipboard for a short amount of time.

Decode & Encode

  • Encode URL and save time by not having to search out % values for unusual characters.
  • Decode HTML to send users clearly readable text without distracting tags.

Multiple Folders

  • Organize saved clips in multiple folders based on class, year group, subject, etc.

Text Format

  • Remove formatting and paste clips as easy-to-read plain text.

Screen Capture

  • Save multiple screenshots to send to users to guide them through a process.

Image Editor

  • Annotate images to give clear instructions to a user

Cloud Drive Sync

  • Upload clips to the Cloud to share with colleagues and across digital platforms.

Contour Detection

  • Detect shapes and extract them (e.g. cells from tables, images from websites, etc.)

Hotkey Customization

  • Set up hotkeys for your most frequently used clips, such as computer algorithms, to access them quickly simply by pressing a few keys.
  • Paste regularly used code snippets.


  • Use the Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple items (e.g. instructions for users) and paste them in numerical order.

Paste Menu

  • Quickly access frequently answered questions for customers and users.
  • Save templates, tables, and document formats.


  • Translate words and phrases on-the-go if working on a site or product that uses a different language.

And that is not all, ClipClip does much more!

Thank you for your interest in ClipClip. To install it, please visit from your Windows desktop.

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ClipClip is compatible with Windows 10

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