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Reduce the Educational Workload.

ClipClip speeds up the process of administrative and non-teaching activities, freeing teachers to focus on their students’ development and well-being. 


“In the United States, lower secondary teachers spend about half of their working time teaching”

Education at a Glance 2019, OECD.

The Challenge

Today’s demand for bureaucratic measurements of school and student performance has led to growing pressure and an increased workload for teachers. What’s more, with the help of quarantine, many classwork tasks are now completed on digital platforms and both teachers and students require effortless digital interactions. To deal with this shift to online lessons, teachers must quickly adapt to tasks such as creating digital resources, planning classwork, sharing handouts, compiling student reports, and marking e-homework.

According to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, teachers in America work on average 10-11 hours per day.

The Goal

To reduce teachers’ overall workload by expanding the functionality of the clipboard and subsequently increasing productivity. Teachers will be able to use ClipClip to accelerate their workflow by creating, editing, protecting, organizing, and sharing multiple file types to integrate seamlessly into their non-teaching work, leaving them with more time to devote to their students’ individual needs. Furthermore, it should enable teachers to focus more on professional development.


ClipClip features for Teachers

ClipClip reduces a teacher’s educational workload by enabling them to use the following features:

Screen Capture

  • Easily capture and share an error message with your school’s IT department.
  • Save and share examples of excellent student work.
  • Screenshot maps/diagrams to represent ideas in an image or to use them for subjects such as science, geography, or PE.

Pen Tool

  • Annotate a screenshot of a student’s work to provide feedback.
  • Support students by screen capturing a task and annotating it with instructions.

Multiple File Types

  • Organize saved clips in multiple folders based on class, year group, subject, etc.

Paste Menu

  • Expedite the grading process by saving clips of frequently-used feedback and comments.
  • Store templates for quick answers to frequently asked questions by students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Save interesting extracts from texts/sources to be used in lessons.
  • Quickly access common phrases and sentence stems to accelerate report writing.
  • Store sentence stems and commonly-used skills to easily create lesson objectives while lesson planning.

Multiple Folders

  • Organize saved clips in multiple folders based on class, year group, subject, etc.

Password Protected Folders

  • Rapidly compose school reports using private data (students’ full names, email addresses, ID numbers, performance charts, etc.), which can be accessed from password-protected folders simply by searching for the student’s first name.

Cloud Drive Sync

  • Sync your folders to your favorite cloud drive service and take to your clips anywhere you go.

Video Recording

  • Capture videos found online and personalize them to share with a class.

GIF Recording

  • Record attention-grabbing GIFs to use in Powerpoint presentations.


  • Automatically translate instructions to support second language learners.


  • Randomly shuffle a saved list of student names to create groups for class activities.
  • Rapidly create class registers by pasting a saved list of student names alphabetically.

Capitalize Text

  • Eliminate the need to manually edit copied extracts by capitalizing entire clips according to desired formatting rules (e.g. APA, Chicago case, lowercase, etc.).

And that is not all, ClipClip does much more!

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