How to Quickly Translate Between Spanish & English

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No hablo español?

The world’s second most popular language after Mandarin is something you’re guaranteed to come across often, even if you mainly work in English. Even if you speak some Spanish, you might still need help figuring out what difficult customer support emails or directions mean.

Here are the quickest ways to translate Spanish to English or vice versa.

The good old way: Google Translate

If you already have your browser open, Google Translate’s website is a great way to translate Spanish to English, although it involves a couple of steps;

  1. Copy the Spanish text you need to translate.
  2. Paste it on the left side of Google Translate and select English on the right as the destination language.
  3. Seconds later, you’ll see the translated text in English, and can select alternate translations or hear the spoken Spanish phrase if you’d like.

Or, use Google Translate’s mobile apps to translate signs, menus, packaging, and print documents. Select Spanish in the app then tap the camera icon, and Google Translate can translate any Spanish printed text into English, showing it right on top of the document where the Spanish should be.

The right way: ClipClip

A quicker way to translate Spanish to English on your PC without losing context or switching between windows is with clipboard manager app ClipClip. It can keep track of everything you copy so you don’t accidentally lose anything you’ve copied.


ClipClip can translate Spanish to English, too. Copy Spanish text you need to translate, then press Ctrl+Shift+V to open ClipClip’s menu that shows everything you’ve recently copied. Select English from the translation option at the bottom of the menu, then click the Spanish text you need translated. A second later, ClipClip will paste your text in English.

And if you need to send a reply email in Spanish, the opposite works as well. Write your text in English, copy it, then have ClipClip translate it to Spanish. It’s the fastest way to switch between English and Spanish anytime you need a quick translation.

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