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ClipClip does much more than just copying and pasting. It's a fully-fledged product to capture, find, edit, organize and share the information you frequently access. Below are some of the most important features of our clipboard manager.

Multiple Clipboard Entries & Folders

Are you an organization-a-holic?

Great, so are we! That’s why we designed ClipClip from the ground up to be the most flexible clipboard organization tool on the market today, with no limits on the amount of root folders or sub-folders.

That’s right, ClipClip has no limits! You can add an unlimited amount folders, sub-folders and Clips!

Organizing clipboard entries with ClipClip clipboard management software

Search Clipboard History

Did you lose track of that important tidbit you copied just hours ago… or was it yesterday?

No worries, ClipClip to the rescue! With the built-in search engine, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the clip you need in no time, whether you copied it minutes or even weeks ago. You can choose how many items you allow to be stored in your history and can search through these instantly.

Search through your clipboard history with our freeware clipboard manager

Google Drive Integration

Would you like to share your clips across your devices such as a desktop at work and a laptop at home, or share them with team members or colleagues?

Now you can! Just add any Google Drive folder as a ClipClip folder, and you’re good to go! ClipClip supports Google Docs and supports editing, which makes collaboration with multiple people even easier!

Copy paste utility software with Google Drive support

Instant Google Translate

With ClipClip you have the power of Google Translate at your fingertips without having to leave your active window. Just copy the text you wish to translate, select a language, and voilá!

Instant Google Translate

Drag & Drop Clipboard Organization

Can you imagine what would the world be like without drag-and-dropping? It wouldn’t be easy to organize your files.

With ClipClip you can select one or multiple Clips and drop them into any folder for safe keeping. Whether you’re re-structuring your entire hard drive or just found a better home for a lonely Clip, we’re sure this feature will come in handy!

Organizing clipboard entries with ClipClip clipboard management software

Clipboard Editor

Did you notice a typo in the text you just copied?

No problem! It happens to everyone! That’s why we’ve included a WYSIWYG editor. One right-click on the clip, one left-click on “Edit clip” and voilá!

With ClipClip Editor you can easily apply basic formatting and undo/redo actions.

Clipboard management software with built-in editor

Multiple Root Folders

Working with multiple people and/or filing systems? No problem! With ClipClip you can add any folder anywhere on your hard drive. This way, you don’t have to choose any particular location for your Clips, but you can pick and choose one or multiple folders from your local file system, or any cloud synchronized folder such as Box, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

In other words, with ClipClip, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Copy & Paste software with support for multiple cloud drives

All of this, without paying a penny! Are you ready?
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