Change Log

In this page you can see the features that were added to ClipClip, as well as minor improvements by release.

New Features and Improvements (April/2017)

– You can now take Screenshots and keep them as clips
– You can now save Clips as “Favorites” to keep them bookmarked
– When you select a Clip, ClipClip will let you know which Clip is active by hovering over the system tray icon
– Clips sorting has been improved
– Depending on which window is active, ClipClip will show you “Context-sensitive” clips so you can easily find the clips you need.
– You can now export some clip types as ODT, DOCX or PDF
– Drag and Drop support for applications outside ClipClip has been implemented. Useful for when you want to attach a Clip’s content to an email f.i.
– The clip editor has been improved to improve your experience
– You can now sort Latest Clips by date and type

New Features and Improvements (July/16)

– It is now possible to add Root folders from the Main Interface, by right-clicking on the folder tree in an empty area
– More file types are now supported: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, JSON, PHP, XML, VB, CS, JS
– You can now import and export your settings, for easier portability
– Minor improvements and bug-fixes

New Features and Improvements (June/16)

– New Look! ClipClip now looks more modern and on-par with design trends.
– You can now translate your clips using ClipClip.
– New Hotkeys were added. It is now possible to copy Clip’s titles separately.

Minor improvements and bug-fixes were also implemented in order to improve ClipClip’s speed and stability.

Release Date: 2016/06/04

Official ClipClip Launch

ClipClip was released on March 15th 2016 as a public Beta version.