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Want to record GIFs on your Windows computer? The simplest way to record your screen and turn it into a gif file is by using ClipClip. 

ClipClip supports GIF, MP4, or screenshot recording, while also allowing you to use 100+ other productivity features like clipboard management or conversion.

How to record a GIF on Windows?

To capture GIFs on Windows with ClipClip, you simply need to Install ClipClip on your computer.

You can get ClipClip here. Or…


When ClipClip is running on your computer, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + G to record a GIF

This will open a selector tool and you will be able to select a part of your screen you want to record. Neat right?

After you selected the screen area you want to record, the recording will start immediately. It will look something like this…

Press stop if you are done recording, wait a couple of seconds until you hear a small *click* noise, and then paste your GIF. You will be able to get results like that…

Where are my GIFs saved on my Windows computer?

In most cases, you can find your GIF file saved in your Pictures folder on your computer. That’s the default option that ClipClip software provides. 

You can also find where your GIF was saved if you open ClipClip, Mouse Right Click on the GIF file and select “Open File Location”. This will open the folder where ClipClip automatically saved your GIF file. 

Gif Screen Recorder

GIF screen recording software like ClipClip is perfect for making short explanatory GIFs for your coworkers or anyone else on the internet. The best part is that it’s always active on your computer, so you can record gifs directly anywhere with a single shortcut. 

Recorded GIF is then automatically added to your Clipboard so you can paste it right away!

IMPORTANT: Just wait for that click sound, as it might take a second or two before you can paste your GIF. This depends on the GIF length and compression method that you can change in the ClipClip settings tab.

Screen Capture to Gif

ClipClip is also a screenshot tool that replaces the need for a snipping tool as it brings more functionality to your everyday screenshot taking. Because of that, ClipClip works perfectly as a screen capture to GIF solution. 

One of the most important Screen Capture to GIF features is the ability to only capture a select part of your screen. ClipClip screen capture to GIF tool allows you to select screen area before recording your GIF. Then it only records the selected area and makes a GIF file after you press the stop button. 

Your capture screen GIF is now stored on your Windows computer, but also you can immediately paste it by simply pressing the CTRL + V anywhere. Capturing GIFs can’t be more simple!

Screen Record Gif Maker

Doesn’t matter if you want to record the screen as GIF or MP4 file, ClipClip can be used as a screen recording tool for any popular file format. If you need a screen recording GIF maker tool, ClipClip is all that and more!

ClipClip records your screen and makes the GIF automatically, you don’t need to do any editing or rendering. Furthermore, ClipClip also immediately copies the GIF screen recording so you can paste it right away. 

This makes our tool amazing if you need to send your colleagues a fast explanatory GIF as it will take you literally seconds to screen record and paste the GIF in the chat.

Screenshot Gif Recorder

ClipClip software exchanges and expands the functionality of your PrtSc (Print Screen) button, thus overriding the basic Windows PC screenshot system. What does that mean?

That means that when ClipClip is active, you will be able to press Print Screen (PrtSc) button on your keyboard and instead of an instant screenshot of everything, you will be able to select the area you want to take the screenshot of. Now your screenshot button works similar to Snipping Tool.

Exactly the same way you can also screenshot GIFs or even screenshot video (MP4). If you need a Windows screenshot GIF recorder that can also take screenshots or screen record video – ClipClip is your perfect choice!

Free and Easy Gif Screen Recorder – ClipClip

ClipClip is completely free to use, so you can record GIFs for free on any Windows computer

Convert any presentation to GIF format, record your screen to make GIFs and use ClipClip for GIF screen capture. 

All this and more is possible with ClipClip free plan and our video GIF capture solution is one of the best in the market. This is because ClipClip is a productivity tool with thousands of features and GIF capture is only one of the features ClipClip has. 

You can choose to record the entire screen as a GIF or just select a GIF recording area. You can select high-quality GIF recording or compress GIFs to be smaller in size. It’s the best GIF recorder for Windows that will record your computer screen and will save it as GIF.

Furthermore, you can choose to record your screen in a video format (CTRL + SHIFT + L). Your screen video recordings can also be saved in different framerates if you want to make the video files smaller. Can it be used as a video recorder? Absolutely yes!

Gif recorder for Windows? Yes! ClipClip is the best one! Record your screen activity and turn it into a GIF in the easiest way!

ClipClip – More than Gif or MP4 Recorder

ClipClip is a productivity tool that is not only a screenshot recorder but also a clipboard manager and a converter. If you got to this part of the article and still hadn’t decided whether or not ClipClip is for you, prepare to be amazed by the number of other functions that ClipClip can do. 

Here are just a few things that ClipClip can do:

  • Store your copy history on your Windows computer.
  • Paste anything you ever copied in the past with a single shortcut.
  • Extract text from images.
  • Copy, shorten URLs and paste them with a single click.
  • Edit copied items before pasting them.
  • Take screenshots of just a part of your screen.
  • Edit screenshots before pasting.

We could list at least 100+ more features here, so make sure to visit our features page to see them all.

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