ClipClip Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys

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ClipClip is an efficiency and productivity tool, so in order to be as productive as possible – try these shortcuts and hotkeys when using ClipClip.

Hotkeys and Shortcuts

Here’s a list of ClipClip shortcuts.

Global Hotkeys

All these global hotkeys will work anywhere in Windows while ClipClip is running, doesn’t matter what program you are currently using. All these shortcuts are the real “bread and butter” when it comes to using ClipClip functionality. 

NOTE: These are default options, you can always configure and change Hotkeys by visiting Options > Configuration > Hotkeys in ClipClip app. 

Ctrl + Shift + VOpen Paste Menu
Ctrl + Shift + FShow Paste Menu with simplified formatting enabled
Ctrl + Shift + QShow the pinned clips paste menu
Ctrl + Shift + AShow the actions menu
Ctrl + Shift + XShow the translate menu
PrtScTake a Screenshot
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate a new clip and open it in the editor
Ctrl + Shift + EOpen the most recent clip in the editor
Ctrl + Shift + SSave the most recent clip as a file
Ctrl + Alt + MEnable the clipboard monitor
Ctrl + Alt + FSimplify formatting
Ctrl + Shift + <Num>Use a pinned clip 

ClipClip Shortcuts

All these local hotkeys will work only when the ClipClip app window is active, so you can use them while actually working inside ClipClip.

Ctrl + SSave selected clip as a file anywhere on your computer
Ctrl + MChange view between  Details and Tiles views
Ctrl + ‘+’Increase font size
Ctrl + ‘-‘Decrease font size
Ctrl + MReset font size
Ctrl + LPin selected clip
Ctrl + VPaste the last created clip into a folder
Ctrl + UOpen all selected clips in Thumbnail Viewer
Ctrl + IOpen only image clips from selected in Thumbnail Viewer
Folder View
Ctrl + UOpen all clips in the folder in Thumbnail Viewer
Ctrl + IOpen all image clips in the folder in Thumbnail Viewer
Ctrl + ASelect All Clips
F2Rename Clip
DeleteDelete Clip or Folder

All these shortcuts will work only while the ClipClip app window is active. 

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