Getting started with ClipClip

This quick guide for new users will show you how to copy and paste, paste without formatting, see clipboard history, translate text, sync clipboard, and more.

ClipClip clipboard manager

ClipClip is a clipboard management app that keeps track of everything you copy on your Windows PC, then helps you organize your clips and paste them whenever you need. It runs in the background by default, automatically saving everything you copy with Windows’ default Ctrl+C shortcut or clipboard menu options. Then, open ClipClip’s app to see a list of everything you’ve copied with the time it was copied. You can search through your clips, or copy any older clip to paste again now. Or, with ClipClip’s paste menu, you can paste your clips into any other app anytime you want.

Here’s how to use it.

Organize Clips

Organize clipped text in ClipClip with folders

Along with your list of latest clips, ClipClip includes a Pinned Clips list to mark your favorite clipboard items, and folders to organize as many clips as you like. The first time you run ClipClip it asks to add its default folders. Or, you can add your own folders and sub-folders anytime later.

To add clips to a ClipClip folder, just copy the item you want, find it in your Latest Clips list, then drag it into the folder you want.

Create new ClipClip clips

Or, you can add new clips directly. Right-click inside a folder and select the type of new clip you want to add. Then, double-click the new item to edit it in ClipClip’s editor.

Edit Clips

Edit plain and rich text clips in ClipClip

You can edit anything you copy with ClipClip, as well as add content to new clips. Say you copied something from a website, and want to keep the formatting but didn’t need everything you copied. Right-click on that item in ClipClip and select Edit, or double-click the item to open the editor.

There, you’ll see a Word-style editor with full formatting options. Add bold, italics, and underlines, format lists, change fonts and text size, and even edit the original HTML source code of content you copy from the web. Close the window to save the changes.

Want to save the clip as a document? Once you’re finished editing, right-click on the clip inside ClipClip, and you can export any text clip as plain text, formatted rich text, or a PDF document. That’s one of the easiest ways to create a formatted PDF from anything you copy on your computer.

Sync and Share Clips

Sync ClipClip clipped text to OneDrive

By default, ClipClip saves new clips to your Documents folder, which on recent versions of Windows will be in OneDrive. That means any clips you save into folders will be automatically saved to OneDrive and synced between all your PCs.

Want to share your clips with others? Open your ClipClip folder’s sharing settings, typically from the right-click menu or OneDrive’s web app, and invite others to join your folder. That’s a handy way to share common snippets with your colleagues, perhaps to help answer support emails quickly and paste the same template text into new documents.

Want to use another sync tool, such as Google Drive or Box? Install their apps on your PC, then add their folder to ClipClip, and drag your clips into there. You can then share the folder with your colleagues just the same.

ClipClip Keyboard Shortcuts

ClipClip keyboard shortcuts

Want to customize how ClipClip works? Click the gear icon in its toolbar or select Options, Configuration in the menu to open ClipClip’s settings. Here, you can set it to start with Windows, enable a sound whenever ClipClip saves something, set how many clips to save by default, choose where new clips are stored, and much more.

The most important settings, though, are ClipClip’s keyboard shortcuts. By default, to paste something from ClipClip, you’ll press Ctrl+Shift+V to open ClipClip’s Paste Menu. From the settings, though, you can pick any keyboard shortcut you’d like. The best option is something that’s easy for you to remember. Then, you can also set keyboard shortcuts to paste without formatting, turn off the clipboard monitor if you don’t want ClipClip to watch what you copy, and set a screenshot shortcut for an easy way to capture anything on your screen.

Insert Clips With ClipClip Paste Menu

ClipClip in Word

Most of the time, you won’t actually use ClipClip’s app. Instead, the best way to use ClipClip is to keep it running in the background while you work. Copy text, take screenshots, and continue working as normal.

When you need to paste something, though, instead of your normal Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut to paste text, press Ctrl+Shift+V (or the custom shortcut you added) to open ClipClip’s Paste Menu, pictured inside Microsoft Word above. There, you can see everything you’ve recently copied at the top of the menu. Press a number or click a result to paste it.

Want to sort through the clips? Start typing and ClipClip will filter through the clips’ titles to find the clip you need.

Want to preview a clip before inserting it? Hover your mouse over the icon on the left of the clip to see a rich text preview of that item.

Want to paste plain text without formatting? Hold the Shift key down while you click the item you want to paste, and ClipClip will strip all formatting and paste the plain text into your app.

Need to use a clip you saved into a folder? Click the Saved Clips menu, then select the folder and clip you want to paste.

Or, let ClipClip’s smarts figure out what to paste automatically. Say you recently copied some items from Microsoft Word, and now need to use them, or you have clips you regularly use in your email app. Click ClipClip’s Context-sensitive Clips menu to see the items it thinks you’re likely to use, and select the suggested clip.

Translate Text With ClipClip

Translate text in ClipClip

Perhaps one of ClipClip’s handiest features is its built-in Google Translate integration. As long as your PC is connected to the internet, you can translate anything you copy into one of the over 100 languages that Google Translate supports.

Copy the text you want to translate. Then, open ClipClip’s Paste Menu with your keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+V by default). On the bottom of the menu, select Translate Clip To then choose or search for the language you want to translate this text into. Say you copied French text, and want to translate it into English—select English in the menu.

Finally, click the original text you copied in ClipClip’s menu, and it will instantly translate the text and paste it into your document. It’s the quickest way to translate text without opening another app.

Learn more in our ClipClip Translation Guide.

That’s ClipClip. It’s the app that gives your Windows clipboard superpowers. Instead of having to worry you’ll forget that you copied something important, ClipClip will keep track of it all in one place where you can flip back through your copied items, edit and translate them if needed, and save them for later. It turns your simple Ctrl+V into a powerful productivity tool to help you work faster.


  1. Peter Shikli

    I upgraded because it seemed as though we would finally get the ability to assign hotkeys to clips we use repeatedly. There is still no way to do that, right?

    • Ken

      You could pin the clip, then you would be able to use the hotkey for the Paste Menu followed by a numerical key.

  2. Jon S.

    Trying to find a way to open the ClipClip paste fly-out without having to press keyboard strokes. That would be hugely useful compared to mashing key combo. Jon S.

    • Ken

      We’ve just added an always on top feature. You can drag and drop clips normally, or drag them as files by holding the Ctrl button. Does that solve your use-case?

  3. Shaitan Fog

    Haven’t ocurred to place the Paste menu in the omnipresent Right Click contextual menu??

    • Ken

      This would require integration with a lot of different apps. By using a hotkey you can easily pull up the menu whilst using any application, and you don’t have to forego your selection, so it’s a superior solution.

  4. Christine

    When working with large amounts of data in Excel, you might find the need to copy and paste something that you’ve already written, or perhaps wholly move a selection.

  5. Allard

    The only way I found, is pressing CTRL-V, then arrow up multiple times to select “saved clips” or “pinned clips” (I don’t see the difference), and then typing the corresponding number of the clip to insert. After a delay the clip is inserted.

  6. geh

    ClipClip would be a winner if only it would stay open when I open it and stay open till I close it. Every tine I pasted a clip, it closed. I had to reopen ClipClip for each additional clip I wanted to paste.

    • Ken

      Thank you for this suggestion! I will suggest our developers add a toggle in the settings to resolve this issue for you.

  7. Christine

    Dropbox is essentially just saving you the step of highlighting the Link and Copying it; they already automatically

  8. Joel

    I can’t seem to disable the shortcut to save as text (ctrl+shift+s). I unchecked it in the configuration but it still comes up everytime. If I close ClipClip the shortcut works right.

    • Ken

      Thank you for reporting this issue! We will release a new version soon to address this.

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