How to View Your Clipboard History?

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This question can be viewed from two different perspectives. One has more to do with the past copied items and the other has more to do with the items you will copy from now on. 

How can you recover your clipboard history? (Past copied items)

If you don’t have clipboard manager installed (and running!) on your Windows computer, chances are you will not be able to recover and see things you copied before. By default, old clipboard items are not actually saved on your computer and they disappear in one of two ways.

The last clipboard item is deleted if a new item is copied

Most windows users copy one single item and if they decide to copy something else… They can no longer access anything they copied before. However, there is a way, that Windows remembers the last 25 items you copied and not just the last one.

Windows clipboard history on

If your clipboard history settings on your Windows computer are turned on, you can see the last 25 copied items if you press WinKey+V. Here you can learn about how to turn on windows clipboard history. But 25 items is not a lot, in most cases, this means you can’t access things that you copied just minutes ago.

What to do if you want a bigger clipboard history?

If you want to access, reuse, retrieve, recover, organize, lookup, search, share or do any other kind of productivity wizardry with all the things you copied in the past… No matter how long ago. The first step is installing a clipboard manager on your computer. The best clipboard manager currently available for Windows is ClipClip, therefore we will assume you are using ClipClip in the rest of this article. 

As soon as you have a clipboard manager installed on your computer, it will automatically save everything from your clipboard history to one of the folders on your hard drive. By simply pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V you will be able to access the paste menu, which is a simple way of saying… If you press CTRL+SHIFT+V you can paste anything you have ever copied in the past. 

People also ask:

How to view previously copied text?

Want to find and use something you copied earlier? If you don’t have a clipboard manager installed, this might be difficult to do. By default, Windows will only save and remember last 25 items you copied. 

Clipboard manager like ClipClip allows you to save and use hundreds and thousands of last copied items. This way your copy and paste history is safe forever. Clipboard manager allows you to store things you copy in simple folders on your Windows computer. This way you can access anything you copied in the past (images, text, HTML or even files) with a single click. 

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