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Do you know what a clipboard manager is? Many people don’t, but those who try it – never go back to using their computer without one! It might sound like a cheesy marketing pitch, but it isn’t. Clipboard managers solve a problem that people don’t notice during their workday.

Looking for information they already have used in the past.

Time is money. So any business owner that wants to save money, should consider making their team to use a clipboard manager. Here’s a sales pitch for you: ClipClip is free to use forever. Period. Of course, like with any sales pitch, there’s a catch… Premium ClipClip gives you more features that we feel over-delivers on the value and time saved for your team.

If you are interested in how both free and paid clipboard manager plans can help you save time and money in your business (even if you are working without a team!) – read this to the end!

What is a clipboard manager?

A clipboard manager is a tool for storing clipboard content in one place, so you can access and reuse your clips (copied items) quickly. It’s an app that lets you paste HTML text or images from your clipboard into any application, including web browsers, CMS, word processors or spreadsheets.

We all know how to copy and paste with our computers. Now imagine the copy and paste function improved to the moon. Imagine that copy and paste got every possible feature imaginable that would change and improve the way we copy and paste things. That’s what the clipboard manager is! A new and improved way to copy and paste anything.

The most important feature of a clipboard manager is that it remembers hundreds, thousands or even more elements that you copied in the future by storing a file of them on your computer or in the cloud. Neat right?

Most advanced clipboard managers like ClipClip push this even further and allow you to organize clips in folders, edit them at any time, while also adding extra productivity tools like advanced screenshots and more.

How to use clipboard manager for business?

A clipboard manager is like having an assistant who remembers everything you copied before – in one place! It’s so easy: just copy something with your clipboard (CTRL+C) and the clipboard manager will store it somewhere else (usually on your computer or in the cloud). When you need that information again later, all those things are right there ready for use! No more searching through documents and files to find what went wrong last Friday. Or that address I copied two weeks ago. Or our bank account details that I have to copy every time I do this operation.

Clipboard managers make saving time as easy as copy-paste! The best part – you can store your clips in the cloud (google drive or other), this means that your team can share clips and paste things that other team members copied. Everything can be organized into folders, subfolders, subsubfolders and… subsubsubsubsubsubfolders! So you can get as organized as your company needs!

Clipboard Manager Benefits For Business:

  • A business can save lots of money if clipboard managers are used.
  • Managers can save time and get more done in the day by using clipboard manager, which means they’re spending less on labor costs.
  • Teams that use clipboard managers increase their productivity level – because people don’t waste time looking for things from before!
  • Clipboard managers also provide a way of organizing your clips (copied items) into folders so you can find them later and reuse them easily without having to search through documents or files all over again.

The best clipboard manager: ClipClip. It is free forever! Period. There’s no catch 😉 Even if it was only one feature like password protection you would be saving money as opposed to buying expensive applications with just one single application feature.

Clipboard managers are great for small companies or even solopreneurs. Every piece of company information can be stored in your own folders as clips. How do you access them? By pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V.

This opens a paste menu. Paste menu will have access to all the last items you copied. Furthermore, it will have direct access to folders that you so neatly organized. Amazing right?

Why you should be using a clipboard manager?

Why use clipboard manager? It saves time and money on labor costs, increases productivity levels, helps make organizing data easier and provides an easy way of reusing them later without having to search through files all over again. If you want clipboard management that’s free forever – ClipClip is the best solution out there!

Clipboard is one of those tools that barely anyone ever googles and thinks that it exists. Because not many people come up with idea… How can I paste things from 3 weeks from now? They don’t google it because they think… You can’t.

Well, now you can. And you should be abusing this power (with great power comes great headache!) in any way you see fit.

Why do most people fall in love with a clipboard manager? We tend to remember where things are, but not what they are. You know where to find that 12 digit code that you need, but not what those 12 numbers actually are. Clipboard manager allows you to abuse this by simply scrolling down or searching for it in the search bar. But more about features in the next paragraph!

Features of the ClipClip Clipboard Manager

So we learned about the basics… Copy, copy, copy, copy! And then be able to paste any of that anytime in the future. That’s neat but ClipClip has much more to offer.

There are so many features on ClipClip that this would make this the most boring read ever if we list them out here, so we will just mention the most exciting ones!

Make Screenshots

ClipClip changes how your PrintScreen button works. Instead of simply copying your whole screen, our Screenshot tool allows you to select just a part of the window.

Plus you can add watermarks to your screenshots (like your company logo), draw on them or highlight things before you paste them and do other crazy things. Oh, we can also record videos and gifs. Just so you know.

Translate text before pasting

Need to answer customer support tickets in Spanish, but you don’t know Spanish? Well if you store your most common answers in English on ClipClip…

You can choose to translate them into any other language before you paste them! This will happen automatically. So your answer to the question that you use so often, suddenly also works all around the world.

Synchronize to Drive

Share with the team! You can share your clipboard data with other members by using these awesome features called Shared Clips! Imagine that you are working together on some project with someone else…

They could copy something to their clipboard too so all of us would be able to use what they copied before – without having to search through the documents or files themselves! Even if we’re sitting next to each other at the same desk, but looking at different computers. Nice!

Edit clips and screenshots

We kinda already mentioned this, but here it goes again… You can edit things you copied before pasting them. Doesn’t matter if it’s a picture, screenshot or HTML text.

You can open each item you copied individually and make adjustments. The item you copied now will be pasted the way you want it. I can’t believe you are still reading this and not simply installing it to try for yourself!

Name your clips

Imagine that you would need to search for your telephone number in a phone book online registry? The only way would be to know the whole sequence of numbers right?

ClipClip allows you to create a name for your clip, so you could simply call it “My Phone” or “Alice from Marketing Phone”. This way when you use the clip, the actual information pasted will be the phone you need. But what you will see by clicking on it, will be any text of your choice. It’s extremely handy when combined with our search bar.

Search for clips with a search bar

Clipboard Manager is not only about searching for texts or clipboard history. It’s also a place where you can organize your clips (copied items) neatly in folders. So you can both find them by searching or by knowing where it should be (in a specific folder).

Pros and cons of using a clipboard manager for business

ClipClip clipboard manager is a great tool for any team of people who work together on the same document all the time. It’s also really handy when you have to search through your clipboard history or clip names, instead of looking at emails, asking colleagues to send it or trying to remember where it was on your website!

Pros of using a clipboard manager

  • You can have clipboard data all the time, one-click-away
  • It’s easy to paste the clip you need when it comes time for that moment
  • The clipboard history is always saved so nothing disappears
  • The team can share details, answers, texts, pictures, and everything else
  • Changes made to clips will change for future use, because you are storing clips, not finding old versions of info

Cons of using a clipboard manager

There are not many cons. However, if your machine crashes or anything bad happens with ClipClip (God forbid), all of those clips will be lost so better keep them in your google drive. That’s why we suggest duplicating and backing up clips from time to time. Better safe than sorry, like with any other data!

If we think about the pros and cons objectively… The benefits outweigh this one downside by far! You should really install ClipClip now in case I wasn’t too persuasive before 😉

Any other cons? Tell us what else should be mentioned here.

Final thoughts on this clipboard manager use

ClipClip clipboard manager can help your team to revolutionize the way you copy and paste – together! IT, developers, designers, customer support, writers and everyone else can benefit from using a clipboard manager. And once again, they will be copying and pasting things together from now on.

You can share your clips (copied items), reuse them, share screenshots of any kind or edit everything easily! Your team can now find all their answers with just a couple of clicks – because they are not looking for information in different documents anymore… but on ClipClip clipboard manager’s search bar!

As a business owner, you love to save time and money, be innovative and use the best solutions available. Therefore you can thank our team for saving you heaps of money and time later on… Maybe with a nice thank you email that we can publish on our website or something? 😀

How can I install this clipboard manager we are talking about?

You can try our free clipboard manager right here!

Try ClipClip today, It's FREE!


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