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ClipClip's Japanese translation feature

How to Quickly Translate Between Japanese & English

From technology to food to entertainment, Japan has a profound impact on global culture. It’s the 9th most commonly spoken language, one of the languages you’re most likely to encounter as you work and live online. If you can’t read … Read More

ClipClip allows translating French to English or English to French

How to Quickly Translate Between French & English

Restaurant menus. Wine labels. Pithy quotes that add ambience to documents, even if you’re not quite sure what they say. French is everywhere, from literature to products to government correspondence. If you can read English, odds are you can make … Read More

Translate Spanish to English or vice versa with ClipClip

How to Quickly Translate Between Spanish & English

No hablo español? The world’s second most popular language after Mandarin is something you’re guaranteed to come across often, even if you mainly work in English. Even if you speak some Spanish, you might still need help figuring out what … Read More

How to Quickly Translate Anything on Your PC

Google Translate for Windows Language is difficult. Whether you’re fluent in multiple languages or have only one language enabled in your computer’s keyboard settings, you’ll still sometimes come across text you can’t understand. Archaic words. Latin scientific terms. Seemingly common … Read More