Giphy capture for windows is a big name in screen recording and GIF creation. However, it provides a limited user experience as an iOS-only app. 

Fortunately, if you are looking for Giphy capture alternatives for Windows, many new state-of-the-art tools are available as a GIF recorder, screen recorder, and MP4 recorder.

Everyone likes to send GIFs, but finding the right one pre-made can be difficult. Luckily, Giphy capture alternatives for Windows will enable you to make the perfect GIF for the situation.

Best Giphy Alternative – ClipClip

 Best Windows Gif Recording Alternative to Giphy Capture - ClipClip

ClipClip will allow you to record part or whole Windows screen with a simple shortcut – CTRL + SHIFT + G. With ClipClip you not only can capture GIFs, but you can also record your screen as MP4. It’s a simple and intuitive tool that can work as a screenshot tool, video or GIF recorder.


With ClipClip, your recorded GIF will be saved on your computer and you will be able to share it in a matter of seconds. That’s because ClipClip is a productivity tool that can improve any workflow. ClipClip is not only a clipboard manager that remembers anything you ever copied and makes it easy to paste it again. ClipClip also can covert any information with use cases like:

ClipClip is a Free Giphy Alternative for Windows

Almost no Windows user thinks they need a clipboard manager, because they never assume that the computer can remember everything you ever copied and allow you to organize it in folders. If that’s something that you feel could improve your Windows PC, try ClipClip and you will also get all the same functionality that Giphy capture can give you.

ClipClip is a great FREE lightweight Windows tool that can record your selected area of the screen as a GIF… but you will definitely also use more ClipClip features, because of 100+ other small tools that ClipClip has inside it.

Changed my work speed forever!

Aivaras – ClipClip Power User

How to use ClipClip to record GIFs on Windows?

To capture GIFs on Windows with ClipClip, you simply need to Install ClipClip on your computer.

You can get ClipClip here. Or…

When ClipClip is running on your computer, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + G to record a GIF

This will open a selector tool and you will be able to select a part of your screen you want to record. Neat right?

After you selected the screen area you want to record, the recording will start immediately. It will look something like this…

Press stop if you are done recording, wait a couple of seconds until you hear a small *click* noise, and then paste your GIF. You will be able to get results like that…

ClipClip is the best and the most simple to use GIF recording tool that will also allow you to use hundreds of other small tools. Looking for something different than ClipClip? Here is a list of 10 more other GIF recording tools that will be able to work on Windows.

GIF Screen Recorder

1 - Gif Screen Recorder - Windows Gif Recording Alternative to Giphy Capture

GIF Screen Recorder is a powerful screen recorder and screencasting tool. The main perks of the software are that you can tailor the region of the screen you wish to screengrab and choose the frame rate length of your recording. 

Once the desired portion has been recorded, the audio can be stripped and made into a separate .WAV file that can be synchronized to the gif with a custom start and stop point.

In addition, GIF Screen Recorder is easy to use. It has an editing mode that allows you to create gifs or set up seamless presentations in a bite-size form, including the ability to add subtitles and export image frames. 


2 - Screen to Gif - Windows Gif Recording Alternative to Giphy Capture

The free ScreenToGIF allows users to record and create GIFs, and it features an annotation program. Its proponents say that the program is niche-oriented and best for short videos. 

ScreenToGif’s interface is user-friendly and used for personal GIFs and industry videos to show bugs or create presentations.

While the program offers high functionality, it’s also easily accessible; the recorder, webcam, board, and editor are highly visible in a layout that makes sense.


3 - GifCam - LICEcap - Windows Gif Recording Alternative to Giphy Capture

GifCam has a wide range of capabilities, including capturing mouse movement, adding text to each frame, and delaying output. Automatic frame delays, in particular, are a powerful tool GifCam offers as a screen recorder.

The editing features of GifCam are great, too. You can remove frames, choose five color reduction schemes, and detect and compress frames. The personalization of GifCam and the special effects make it an appealing alternative to Giphy capture windows.

GifCam is an excellent free Giphy Capture alternative for Windows, especially if you’re looking for a program to personalize your GIFs and make them your own.


4 - Fraps - LICEcap - Windows Gif Recording Alternative to Giphy Capture

Making its debut in 1999, Fraps has been helping computer enthusiasts and gamers screen capture and capture real-time video with its easy-to-use interface and high functionality.

Fraps is a popular tool amongst gamers because it can help make a video game more shareable. You can create gaming memes and screen record games for showing off later or uploading to video sites. 

While it’s a program that’s been around longer than Youtube, Fraps offers frame rates that range from 1 to 120 FPS which puts it ahead of the other Giphy alternatives. 


5 - Gyazo - LICEcap - Windows Gif Recording Alternative to Giphy Capture

Gyazo is a straightforward recording program that allows you to record and create GIFs on any platform, including your smartphone. Customers can choose the free version with limitations on how long their GIFs can be or opt for a paid version to unlock the other features. 

The first step will be screen-grabbing part of or all of the screen and then making a GIF from it, or with the pro (paid) version, you can add annotation, texts, arrows, and other fun effects. 

Fans of Gyazo enjoy it for training and educational purposes like demonstrating how to troubleshoot a computer program or sharing financial data with a client using short GIF screen recordings.  


6 - VClip - LICEcap - Windows Gif Recording Alternative to Giphy Capture

VClip is a free screencasting tool made by the same company that created Gifcam mentioned earlier in the list. You can describe VClip in one word: simple. It’s nice to have a lot of options, but VClip slims everything down so that only the necessary features are present and ensures they work well. 

Additionally, you can select the frame rate and the format of output — an advantage over other Giphy alternatives that force the file into a GIF format. 

VClip can also produce: 

The screencasting tool and GIF recorder allow users to capture animated GIF files, either using the whole screen or just grabbing part of the screen occurring by default at 30fps. 

Ensuring everything you record you want is there is made a little easier by the transparent VClip window, putting the screen in front and center.

Screen Grabber Premium

7 - Ace - LICEcap - Windows Gif Recording Alternative to Giphy Capture

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is free-to-try software that gives users freedom in screen grabbing by letting them choose whether they wish to capture in full-screen, webcam, video calls, or using region mode. You will need a paid version to get some more functionality from this tool.

You can use Screen Grabber as a screenshot recorder as well as to capture the audio from your system sound and microphone while screen recording occurs for later use in presentations. A unique “Task Scheduler” feature enables you to add a specific date and time stamp while recording.


8 - Recordit

Recordit is a free Giphy alternative that prides itself on being fast and free. In fact, Recordit is unique on this list as it doesn’t store GIFs on your computer. Instead, you can share creations on social media from the online database that the tool provides. 

Like Giphy, online storage is a benefit for anyone lacking computer storage space or who makes a lot of one-use GIFs that don’t need saving for another time. 

Recordit limits users to 4 FPS, making a great quick source of GIFs that are needed spur of the moment rather than for presentations. It may not be sufficient for users who churn out large amounts of content with very high-definition files, but its easy-to-use interface makes up for it. 

Professionals looking for a way to record GIFs quickly and use a higher speed can choose to pay for a Pro version with additional features.  


9 - LICEcap - Windows Gif Recording Alternative to Giphy Capture

LICEcap is a free cross-platform application that supplies screencasting tools to screen capture an animated GIF on your computer for those that want to have the source code for their program.

Users can move the screen recorder frame while recording and choose the frame rate. The background of LICEcap is transparent, so screen grabs show the computer background or at least part of it, and hotkeys make triggering the program easy while recording. 

With LICEcap, you have the option of saving your GIF in multiple formats, including GIF and the lossless LCF format.


ShareX is a free screen capture and GIF creator that can also create video files. The screen recording functions are pretty limited, as they do not allow changing frame rates or the size of the video. Still, they’re reliable, and the program doesn’t shudder or freeze even during high-quality videos. 

A bonus of ShareX is that it is open-source, meaning users can improve on the program while they use it. For social media, users can upload and share to sites like Flickr, Twitter, and Vimeo with a click or two of a button. As previously mentioned, ShareX also offers photo editing features.  


There are plenty of options on the market for Giphy capture alternatives for Windows users of various expertise levels, even if they’re running Windows XP. 

ClipClip GIF capture is the best pick of the bunch, a great GIF/MP4 recording alternative for Windows. However, if the program doesn’t suit your needs, just choose another from the curated list above, and you’re sure to enjoy it. 

Add in screen-recording and MP4 capture to bring what you’re watching or playing to the internet or just for the memories. Making and sharing GIFs, whether for fun, work, or school, is a rewarding past time especially when the programs make it so easy to do.